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Our company stands proudly as the top rated* sneaker resale shop of 2020 and intend on carrying this standard into 2021 and beyond. We appreciate all of you and thank you for your reviews! Here's some of what our loyal customers are saying...


5 stars: Excellent
"Excellent customer service. David was helpful and professional.
Ordered on December 25th and got it today January 4th."
- Ben Gunderson
5 stars: Excellent
"My second purchase arrived with no issues. Satisfied and just placed another 3 orders this morning. 10/10"
- Justin Massey
5 stars: Excellent
"Very competitively priced when compared to other sites. I’ve seen some complaints about shipping times but when I ordered thankfully it went smooth. I ordered Chicago mids to test them out."
- Kenny Ozone
5 stars: Excellent
"Authentic company.
Ordered on 11/28 and got them by the 15th of December, additionally placed an order just earlier last week with Klarna and got shipping info. I don’t expect it to update for a while
But appreciate sneakfoots commitment to their customers"
- Stephena Guillerra
5 stars: Excellent
"I did business with them a few months back. I recall it going over well but they never replied to my emails asking for a size change. When I submitted a request on site for an exchange I got an answer pretty much immediately.

Exchange was returned and a new pair was shipped within 10 days."
- Sam Stephens
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*top rated when compared to main competitors in the industry