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What is Sneak Foot LTD? 

Sneak Foot Co (Sneak Foot LTD) is an established online shop for authentic street-wear, sneakers, handbags, and more. Our objective is to offer a new alternative in the industry focused on lower costs, lower fees, and building a massive community of fashion enthusiast that can buy securely with trusted re-sellers such as ourselves. Our team consists of experts in authentication, street-wear fashion, culture, and members with extensive history in selling online.

Sneak Foot Co's boutique specializes in collectors quality items, provided by trusted suppliers in our network.  Once an item is purchased, and once it passes authentication, it's sent to the buyer. Taxes and a 2% donation to charity is included in the final purchases costs.


How are prices determined? 

As we're sure you know, Sneak Foot Co is far from the only resale site out there for the items we sell. In order to remain competitive and offer the prices we do, our prices are determined by a general average formula based on trending prices among those other trending shops. We utilize a host of price tracking algorithms to best determine a margin that will be acceptable and profitable for our business and  after the sale to profit margins applied to each sale made. Price variances by size is very common for sneakers and clothing due to quantity produced being different between sizes more often than not. Product rarity or availability plays a large roll in how industry average prices are determined as well as what we believe to be the perceived value above MSRP or below MSRP.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we proudly will ship anywhere in the world and offer DHL express shipping as our carrier for shipments outside of the United States. Standard rates apply at checkout based on item weight. We are unfortunately not responsible for any VAT or import fees as we designate each package appropriately. We will do our best to minimize this the most we can and most products are listed at MSRP / not resale costs, as appropriately required.


How can I pay? 

There are several payment options at checkout directly on our website, all of them being 100% secure and encrypted. Paying directly with a credit or debit card prevents any additional potential fees. Your card information is not stored.

If you place an order via email, we will email you a site invoice to complete your purchase securely through our cart. There is a 48 hour processing time for all orders.


Why can’t I make an order over $1500? 

You actually can, but it’s best to split up your orders under the amount of $1000 if possible. This is a countermeasure we have set in place to fight cart sweeping bots and helps prevent fraud. The best thing to do is to split your purchase up in increments under $1200 or email us and we’ll make a special invoice for you! Thank you!


I placed an order on Facebook or Instagram... How does that work?

Same as a site order. You can expect your order in 7-16 business days. The only difference is that you paid with Facebook's payment system. Sometimes you might get tracking preemptively on Facebook. This is totally normal, as we have to prepare those orders separately. Their systems can be rather buggy if we do not.


Are all photos of the exact product being sold? 

Yes. All photos on site are exact representations of what you will be receiving when you place an order with our platform. All items are shipped in new condition as per the description on the product page. Small creases in packaging are allowed to be sold to us, but there are limitations and parameters we enforce before the listing of a product is approved. If you are unhappy with the condition of the item upon arrival, please do not hesitate to email us so we can come to an agreement. You will be asked to provide photos of the item(s.)


Are you affiliated with any other site or company? 

No. Sneak Foot Co acts completely independent of any other site of its nature, method of distribution, or items sold and does not represent any other brand or individual outside of our registered company. We do often sell to other stores, and they may or may not reference back to us for their inventory supplier.


Does your company have reviews or other sources to verify authenticity / satisfaction?

Yes, feel free to check out our reviews page in the footer for links to thousands of verified reviews.


I made a return or canceled my order, when can I expect a refund? 

We understand returns and cancellations happen and intend on making it easy for you. In order to cancel an order or process a return, you MUST email us at: support@sneakfoot.com to initiate the process.  In the event of an order cancellation or return, please allow 2-5 business days for the amount paid / or partial refund if applicable / to post back to your associated payment account or original payment method. This is standard processing time with most banks and you may receive your funds even sooner than that. We are unable to process returns on the weekend and your return or request will be fulfilled the following business day. Returns must fully reach our office with a traceable service and be approved before being entitled to a refund on returned items.

You may also use our return portal here, please read the information provided on the page.


Tax information & legal-

You are free to request limited legal information if available via our support email: support@sneakfoot.com 

All taxes are included in the final cost of your purchase.

We are not responsible for import fees, but will do our best to mitigate your costs as conditional by law. We follow all applicable laws in the state and country we transact in.

We are not a publicly traded company.

Sneak Foot LTD

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Business Hours- 

Online Store: 24/7 Even Major Holidays

Customer Service Hours-

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-9:00PM

Saturday-Sunday: 11:00AM-2:00PM

Additional questions, comments, or feedback?

Feel free to contact us!